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Our Mission

At Salty Moose Works we believe in high quality, driven, handmade products. Each item is carefully made with love by myself. We sell products that make you look good and feel good. For example, our eye pillows and neck pillows, made with Himalayan pink salt benefits your health in so many ways.

We sell items at retail as well as wholesale and we are always looking to expand our business. If there is something you want made that's not listed, feel free to send us a message with your ideas.


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Our Products

Pink Himalayan Salt Pillows


Pink Himalayan Salt Eye Pillows | Neck Pillows

Pink Himalayan salt eye pillows- Say goodbye to headaches, allergies, eye bags, and stubborn aches and pains! These Himalayan salt pillows are hand crafted with you in mind. Each one has just enough salt to promote healing and relaxation. These pillows are approximately 9" L x 5" W. Each one has an option to add lavender if you wanted even more added relaxation. Each pillow comes with instructions on how to heat them and they can also be cooled in the freezer. They store best in a Ziploc bag.

When the pillow is heated it activates the 84 minerals locked in the salt to promote healing Himalayan pink salt benefits including: relieving muscle aches, headaches, pains, and so much more. In contrast, when cooled they help rid those stubborn bags under your eyes as well as reduce swelling, ease sinus headaches, and soothe the migraine resulting from your daily commute. Did I mention that Himalayan pink salt has an added allergy benefit?

Tumbler Cups


Who doesn't love a new tumbler?? Here at Salty Moose Works we offer tumblers in many sizes. Each one can be customized by color, size, glitter/no glitter, hydro dipped and we also can add any customized vinyl to any cup for a small fee. We offer 12oz wine tumblers, 16oz, 18oz, 20oz (Skinny), & 32oz stainless steel tumblers. We also offer 16oz plastic cups (No lid) designed and covered with epoxy. Each cup is carefully crafted and covered with 2 layers of epoxy to ensure longevity.

Trump Shirts

Custom T-Shirts

Each one of our custom t-shirts are carefully designed and pressed on to a cotton/polyester blend shirt. You can choose from a tank top, t-shirt, v-neck (womens/mens), or scoop neck t-shirt (womens). Every shirt is made to order so please allow extra time for processing. We can create your design with any color, size or design. They can be machine washed and left out to dry. They can be put in the drier but I recommend air drying for longer lasting shirts. We will make just about anything!


Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals made simple!! Choose your design and we will create your decal and prepare it to be seamlessly transferred to any smooth surface. These decal are outdoor approved! Each decal is about 5"W x 6"L and can come in many different colors! You can use it on vehicles, windows, decorative signs, wood, plastic, glass, and so much more! If you want to purchase a larger/smaller decal please feel free to message us!

Teachers Apron

Teachers/Servers Aprons

Have you been looking for easier ways to organize your belongings at work while having them readily available? These aprons are great for storing anything needed on the go. Each one is hand crafted with 6 layers of fabric for extra durability. They are approximately 11"W x 17"L. The straps are ironed and folded 3 times for extra grit and longevity. Each apron is fitted with 6 pockets, 1 smaller pocket, and 2 larger pockets. We can also accommodate seasonal fabrics!! These aprons are great for your favorite teacher, small business owners, and even servers!


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